Q:  When should I use Steadfast Equine Performance instead of Steadfast Equine?

A: Steadfast Equine Performance was developed to give performance horses the maximum level of support needed during stressful training and competition. The double dose of NEM works to support the horse’s soft tissues and joints during strenuous exercise.

Any horse can benefit from a complete structural support supplement to repair and prevent injuries and pain. But not every horse needs Steadfast Equine Performance.

If your horse is competing or working at a lower stress level, arthritic or stiff, recovering from an injury or only occasionally exposed to joint and soft tissue stress, then our original Steadfast Equine is an excellent daily maintenance solution.

If your horse is in high level competition, training or working in deep or uneven footing that puts a strain on the legs, then Steadfast Equine Performance is the ideal choice.

Q:  How is Steadfast Equine Performance different from other joint supplements?

A: Where other joint supplements contain manufactured ingredients, Steadfast Equine Performance is formulated with Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) and TêlaFIRM. NEM, the thin membrane found on the inside of an eggshell, is a naturally occurring matrix of common joint support ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. As a natural protein source, the ingredients found in NEM are able to be optimally utilized by your horse. Steadfast Equine Performance contains double the amount of NEM found in our original Steadfast Equine joint supplement to support high level athletes.

TêlaFIRM provides your horse with the most research backed organic trace mineral blend available. Many equine supplements and feeds contain the common minerals we associate with equine joint health like selenium, manganese, copper and zinc, but most of these minerals are salt bound and inorganic. This makes it difficult for them to survive the acidity of the stomach and reach the small intestine where they should be absorbed. Organic, or chelated, minerals are carbon bound which protects the mineral from the stomach’s acidic environment and ensures safe passage to the small intestine for absorption. TêlaFIRM’s proprietary formulation is double chelated to be highly effective and utilizes only organic minerals for optimal digestion and benefit to your horse.

The combination of NEM and TêlaFIRM coupled with extensive research, assures you that your horse is receiving the very best supplement that science has to offer.

Q: Why does it matter that Steadfast Equine Performance is patented?

A: With the large amount of the equine supplements market, you should research thoroughly and place value on products that offer finished-product research and credentials. In addition to being a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), Arenus has taken its credentialing process one step further and gained U.S. patented or patent-pending status on all of its Arenus Supplements. Steadfast Equine Performance, along with the rest of the Steadfast family, is fully patented, guaranteeing the unique formulas have been shown to work as intended.

Q: Will I need to keep my horse on Steadfast Equine Performance forever?

A: While Steadfast Equine Performance is safe to use long term, there are situations where it makes sense to switch to our original Steadfast Equine instead. If your horse is retired, working at lower stress levels or taking a breaking from exercise for any reason then Steadfast Equine could be the right solution. Switching to Steadfast Equine allows you to continue providing joint and structural support without the increased dose of NEM that’s needed for horses in competition and training.

Q: Is Steadfast Equine Performance palatable?

A: Yes. If your horse eats other supplements without issue, working Steadfast Equine Performance into their regimen typically isn’t a problem. If you have a picky eater, try simple things like starting with a smaller dose or adding water, diluted corn syrup (50 - 75% water), vegetable oil or molasses.