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At Arenus Animal Health, our SNM product line is the best you can get for horse health. SNM is a topical pain reliever and muscle relaxer that comes in a variety of strengths and formulas. There are two SNM formulas to fit the needs of each horse and rider combination — Performance, and Performance Ultra. We go over the differences between the two below. SNM is available in a variety of forms to meet your specific horse health needs:

  • 1. Gelotion
  • 2. Liniment
  • 3. Poultice

Reach out to us at Arenus Animal Health today with any questions regarding SNM or any of our other products and order your SNM solution!

Which SNM is Right for My Horse?

There are two distinct SNM lines — Performance, and Performance Ultra. All two begin with our natural and proven pain-relief formula and are great at relieving sore muscles and preventing and rehabbing injuries. However, there are a few key differences to be aware of.


SNM Performance products are similar to our Classic formula in the United States in terms of strength and potency but it replaces lobelia with comfrey so that SNM Performance meets FEI regulations. This means you get effective and natural pain relief for your competition horses as well.

Performance Ultra

SNM Performance Ultra is the most powerful SNM formula we make here at Arenus Animal Health. The specialized herbal extrusion process creates a potency and efficacy in the Performance Ultra line that no other horse liniment product can match. Additionally, SNM Performance Ultra is compliant with both FEI and USEF competition regulations — making it the product of choice serious competitors.

History of Horse Liniment

The SNM line wasn’t created in a day. There is a long history of topical pain relievers and formulas that we’ve learned from to create the ultimate, modern, all-natural horse liniment. Here is a brief overview of the history of horse liniment and how it evolved to become the go-to natural pain reliever. For a more in-depth dive into the history of horse liniment and the foundation in which SNM was built on, check out our Horse Health blog post.

Liniment and topical pain relief can be traced all the way back to ancient times. Socrates, Alexander the Great, and Galen all used olive oil to relax warrior and athlete's muscles and relieve overall soreness. Later on, China changed liniments as we know them first with snake oil, then by adding ingredients like camphor and menthol to Tiger Balm. All of this eventually led to the creation of the all-natural, ultra-powerful SNM that we know today.