Shipping and Freight Policy

  • Freight is F.O.B. Toronto, Canada.
  • Orders for retail customers ship within 24 hours from receipt of order.
  • If a product is not available at the time an order is placed, all available products will ship on current PO and customer will be asked if they would like product to ship automatically or issue another PO once unavailable product becomes available again. 
  • Promotional shipping and handling programs may be in effect, but may vary and are subject to change without notice. 

Return Policy

  • Approved returns, once received and processed, will be credited to your account for future orders or credited to your credit card. 
  • No returns will be rebated in cash unless approved in advance by Arenus.

Damaged Products

  • External physical damage of shipments requires notations with the carrier on the bill of landing or the delivery documents at the time of receipt. 
  • Once noted with the carrier, immediate notification to Arenus should follow so that proper damage claim forms can be completed.
  • Immediate internal documentation, including digital pictures of any damaged cartons and notations of the time and date, should be processed for the opportunity to validate any claims.
  • Retention of packing materials on damaged shipments may be needed for proper claims filing.
  • Hidden damage of products shipped must be reported to Arenus within 5 business days of receipt of goods.
  • Any claim of carrier damage that is not properly documented and processed will be the distributors responsibility and Arenus will not replace or credit the purchase if the carrier invalidates the claim due to lack of proof.
  • Replacement products are shipped and invoiced.  Credit will be applied when the damage claim has been properly filled out, processed and confirmed by the freight carrier.
  • Any customer needing an instruction sheet on checking and receiving merchandise in such a manner that any claim to the carrier is valid, can contact Arenus for an instruction and check sheet.

Customer Purchase Guarantee

  • All Arenus products are completely guaranteed at the customer level.  If the customer is unhappy for any reason within 30 days of purchase, the customer can return the product to the sales agent (store, Arenus, etc.).
  • Proof of purchase and a Return Authorization Form (RAF) will be required which you can mail or fax to Arenus.  To obtain this form and begin a claim, contact customer service.
  • Arenus will then credit you, in full, for the value of your purchase price.  This credit will be either applied to your account for future orders or credited to your credit card.  No returns will be credited in cash unless approved in advance by Arenus.


  • Discounts may not be combined. Only one discount may be used per order.


Billing Information

Arenus Animal Health
PO Box 152
Fort Collins, CO 80522

We Accept:

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How to Contact Us


Toll Free Customer Service: 1-866-791-3344

Locally: 970-283-2150






500 N. Link Ln.

Fort Collins, CO 80524