Q: How is the Arenus Colic Assurance Program different from other colic programs?

A:Other companies offer a colic program, but none of them are as comprehensive as Arenus' Colic Assurance Program. Others will disqualify elderly horses or horses with a colic history. They also refuse to cover non-surgical colic treatments - the most common kind!

With Arenus, you can trust our program to cover:

- Medical and surgical colic
- Horses with a history of colic
- Horses that have already had colic surgery
- Continued coverage even after a colic episode on the program
- Coverage during international travel
- Horses of all ages after being weaned - geriatric horses included

Q: How can Arenus offer this level of coverage?

A:It’s simple. Our products work! Our digestive health formulas are all scientifically developed, veterinarian approved and clinically tested. This has resulted in thousands of colic free horses over the years and many happy owners! Without our trusted Arenus Secure System products we simply couldn’t offer such a comprehensive program.

Q: What products are eligible for the Colic Assurance Program?

A: Secure Guard, Secure Plus and Secure Guard Gold are the only products eligible for the CAP. Once qualified, your horse will be recommended for one of two programs; Colic History Wellness Program or Colic Free Wellness Program.  Within both programs, you will have the option to choose the "system" approach, using both Secure Guard and Secure Plus, or the single product approach, using Secure Guard Gold.  

Q: Why does my horse need both Secure Guard and Secure Plus?

A:The two-product approach to the Secure System gives owners a flexible solution to manage recurrent colic and other digestive ailments. By using these products together, you’re able to tailor the dosing your horse receives for maximum digestive support during times of need. It allows you to reduce your daily cost during the maintenance period when only one product is used. Depending on your horse's medical history, it may be recommended for you to use these two Secure System products.

Q: Why are the Secure System products more expensive than some other digestive supplements available?    

A:To ensure a colic free existence for your horse, you need products proven and trusted to work. Each of the CAP qualifying products are research proven and patented for use in managing colic episodes. They’re designed to provide complete digestive support and GI tract conditioning for maximum health benefits. It’s because of the effectiveness of our products that we can offer medical and surgical colic treatment for patients with a previous history of colic. Including those that have had colic surgery and geriatric horses.

Q: There appear to be many protocols available in using the Secure System products that differ slightly from the dosing protocols used within the CAP; why is that?

A:The products within the Secure System are flexible and offer different options for horse colic prevention. This is because not every horse is the same. All horses benefit from digestive health support, but different horses have different dosing needs. For example, you wouldn’t expect a horse competing internationally with a history of colic surgery to require the same digestive health protocol as a retired trail horse that has never colicked. The different products in the Secure System have been designed so you can use the correct, tailored solution for your horse’s digestive health needs. The products used within the CAP provide your horse with our most powerful and effective systems for reducing the incidence of colic.

Q: Where can I purchase the CAP qualifying products and remain in compliance with the CAP regulations?

A: Once making your initial purchase with Arenus or your veterinarian, you may continue purchasing your CAP qualifying products directly from Arenus or your veterinarian.

Q: How do I feed the qualifying Secure System products to be in compliance with the CAP? 

A: View the full details on our Wellness Program page.


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Q: What age of horse can be covered?

A: Any horse, once weaned and at least 5 months of age, is eligible for coverage in the CAP.  While there are no age limits for horses enrolled in the CAP, some limitations in coverage may apply.  

Q: How long does it take for my enrollment form to be approved?

A: Approval occurs within 5 business days of completed enrollment form submission.  To ensure a swift approval process, please check that the form is completed in full and you have answered all questions to the best of your knowledge.  

Q: Is there a limit to the number of horses I can enroll in the CAP?

A: No! You are welcome to enroll as many horses as you like in the CAP. Be sure to submit a completed enrollment form for each individual horse.

Q: If I recently purchased a horse, can they be enrolled into the CAP?

A: Yes, but should you file a claim, you will be asked to provide the last 12 months of veterinary medical records. Be sure you have access to that information.

Q: Can I enroll online?  

A: Yes! The enrollment form is available for completion online by clicking here.

Q: Is there any monthly or annual fee to enroll in the CAP?

A: Not at all! This horse colic treatment program is free of charge with the purchase of Arenus products.

Q: Can leased horses be enrolled in the CAP?

A: Yes.  While the lessee or agent can complete the enrollment form and any claim forms, the owner’s information will be required. The owner is ultimately responsible for ensuring the information is correct and the horse meets program requirements.  

Q: If my horse is already on the Secure System can I enroll?

A: Yes. You must still follow all initial loading dose protocols and your assigned Wellness Program as laid out in the program requirements.

Q: Can miniature horses enroll in CAP?

A: Unfortunately, no. While the Secure products have helped many miniature horses with digestive issues, the research behind the dosing requirements for miniature horses, burros, donkeys, mules, zebras and zorses is still pending so we are unable to enroll these breeds at this time. 

Q: Does my horse need to have completed the Annual Wellness Requirements prior to enrollment? 

A: No, however if you need to file a claim at any point during your enrollment, you will need to provide at least 12 months of veterinary medical records and proof that the Annual Wellness Requirements have been met.

Q: Do I need to deactivate my horse's enrollment should I sell or decide to discontinue qualifying product use?

A: Yes. Should you decide to discontinue use of the Secure System horse colic treatment products or no longer continue with the CAP, you will need to complete the CAP Discontinuation Form.

Q: Do I need to have 12 months worth of veterinary records at the time of enrollment?

A:No, you do not need to submit the previous 12 months worth of veterinary records at the time of enrollment. But you will need them to submit a claim. These records should show that you have a working relationship with a veterinarian and that your horse has received at least an annual exam, recommended vaccinations and deworming. If you have not owned your horse for three years then you should get these records from the previous owner if possible.

Q: I do all of my own vaccinations and deworming myself, do I qualify for enrollment?

A:While we realize many horse owners administer their own vaccinations and deworming, we do require proof of a working relationship with a veterinarian that includes administration of annual vaccines. You may administer your own deworming products, but you must be able to show that this was under the direction of your veterinarian. Once enrolled in the Colic Assurance Program, your horse is required to receive an annual exam by your veterinarian, have all vaccinations given by your veterinarian and be under a veterinary-directed deworming protocol.

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Q: Can any veterinarian administer treatment for colic episodes? Or does it have to be the veterinarian listed on my enrollment form?

A: Any licensed veterinarian can provide treatment for your horse during their colic episode.  If you plan to file a claim for reimbursement, your horse will need to be seen by a licensed veterinarian as colic episodes not attended to by a veterinarian are not eligible for reimbursement under the CAP policies.

Q: Can I begin feeding the products and simply make a claim if colic occurs without going through the enrollment process?

A:Unfortunately not. Our focus at Arenus is to provide your horse with the best solutions possible. By working with you throughout the enrollment process, we can ensure that your horse is on the pathway to success. The enrollment form and affidavits involved help to ensure that your horse is not only qualified when it comes to a claim, but also provide you with valuable information regarding program requirements, support phone numbers and the option to have a nutritional and colic health advising session with one of our CAP team members or veterinarian. 

Q: What are the Annual Wellness Requirements for enrolled horses?

A: Your horse will need the following:

- One (1) physical exam performed by a licensed veterinarian per year
- One (1) dental exam performed by a licensed veterinarian per year and administration of recommended dental treatments as directed
- Annual vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian
- Documentation of participation in a veterinarian-directed deworming program that includes at least two (2) deworming administrations and one (1) fecal egg count test per year  

Q: Can I administer my own dewormer and still meet the Annual Wellness Requirements?

A:Yes, as long as you are following the deworming program guidelines set forth by your veterinarian. To meet the Annual Wellness Requirements, please make sure you are retaining any proof of purchase/receipt information for the deworming product.

Q: Can I administer my own vaccinations and still meet the Annual Wellness Requirements?

A:No, we require that a licensed veterinarian administer all annual vaccines to your horse in order to meet the Annual Wellness Requirements.

Q: How is it that Arenus is able to cover both medical and surgical colic episodes?

A:We have complete confidence in our product's ability to prevent equine colic. Research studies using our specific formulations (not just their ingredients) have proven the benefits of the Secure System products. Each are patented as a method to reduce recurrent colic, recurrent diarrhea and normalize GI motility in horses.

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Q: Does the reimbursement include travel charges from my veterinarian if my horse was treated on the farm? 

A:  Yes, we cover both farm calls, in hospital visits, and all associated costs with treatment, including trip charges and diagnostics.

Q: Does Arenus pay my veterinary bills directly?

A: No, owners must assume financial responsibility for the services and any late charges accrued due to postponed payment.  CAP coverage acts as a reimbursement to the owner after payment is rendered to the veterinarian or veterinary clinic. We require proof of your paid bill before allocating reimbursements.

Q: My horse colicked and/or needed colic surgery while enrolled in CAP. Are they still eligible to remain enrolled in the program?

A: Yes, though there are limits to the total lifetime benefits your horse can receive and your horse will need to be managed to remain colic free during the 12 months post colic episode and/or surgery.

Q: Does the CAP offer reimbursement for medically treated (non-surgical) colic episodes?

A:Yes! Unlike other colic programs, medical and surgical colic episodes are eligible for reimbursement when your horse is enrolled in the CAP.

Q: Do I need to keep my receipts/proof of purchase for all of the qualifying products I buy while my horse is enrolled in the CAP?

A:Yes. It is your responsibility to keep all receipts related to purchases of qualifying Secure System products while your horse is enrolled in the CAP. If you ever need to file a claim, these are required to verify that your horse has been receiving the qualified products and given at the dosing requirements set by their program.

Q: Does the CAP replace my horse's need for medical insurance?

A: No.  The CAP is designed to complement your horse's medical insurance plan and only provides reimbursement for medical expenses associated with colic treatment.  

Q: Does the outcome of the medical or surgical colic affect my eligibility for reimbursement?

A: No, if your horse experiences a medical colic episode or needs surgery while enrolled in the CAP, the expenses are eligible for reimbursement regardless of the outcome.

Q: Is it possible to know whether my claim will be approved before I move forward with horse colic treatment or surgery?

A: Unfortunately, because the claim paperwork will need to be fully reviewed after your horse's treatment, we are not able to inform you ahead of time whether your horse's claim would be eligible for reimbursement ahead of time.  However, you are welcome to contact us to verify your horse's enrollment and good standing.

Q: What is the process for filing a claim?

A: The claim process is easy and can be done online!  If your horse experiences a colic episode while enrolled in good standing with the CAP, you will begin the claim process by completing the Claim Initiation Form within 14 days of the colic episode.  Once the claim is initiated, the owner or agent will need to complete the Colic Reimbursement Claim Form.

The horse’s primary care veterinarian will need to complete the Primary Care Veterinarian Form and the veterinarian(s) that treated the colic episode and/or performed surgery will need to complete the Attending Veterinarian Form.  If the primary care veterinarian and attending veterinarian are the same, they will need to complete both forms.  If there were multiple attending veterinarians, each will need to complete their own Attending Veterinarian Form. 

The Colic Reimbursement Claim Form, Primary Care Veterinarian Form and Attending Veterinarian Form, as well as any additional required materials, are due within 30 days of the completion of horse colic treatment to be eligible for reimbursement benefits.

Have more questions on filing a claim or the CAP details?  Visit our Overview or File a Claim pages for more info.